My name is Stefanie Deschler. I’m a freelance artist from Basel (switzerland). I make art works, which are inspired by fairytales, nature, comics, cartoons and games.

What I'm offering
At the moment I'm focusing on digital illustrations and vector graphics for books, games and so on. I do character illustrations & concepts, fullpage illustrations and vector graphics.

How I handle commissions


  1. Contact me using the CONTACT form and briefly describe
    1) what kind of artwork you want me to draw
    (character illustrations, fullpage illustrations, vector graphics etc.) 2) what do you need the artwork for and 3) when it should be finished.


  2. As soon as I get your commission, I will make a short cost estimate and will send it back to you. When both of us are happy with the cost estimate, I will start working on the artwork.

  3. I will start making a concept draft, which I first will discuss with you. After we agreed over the concept, I will make a polished version of the artwork.

  4. When we are done, you will receive your finished artwork by email in PDF and png format.

Regarding commisions for artwork with adult content
I'm ok with doing artwork with sexual and/or pornographic content.
The price and content of such a artwork will be a matter of negotiation.

If you have any futher questions or want to work with me,

feel free to CONTACT me!